What is Air Tightness Testing

What is Air Tightness Testing?

Air leakage, air permeability and air tightness are all terms that refer to the uncontrolled loss of air from inside a building to the outside and the infiltration of air coming from outside to inside. This loss or gain of air through cracks, holes or gaps in the fabric of the building is often felt to us as draughts through air leakage paths.

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Trying to achieve a good level of air tightness is important for the energy efficiency of the building. The benefits of improved insulation and more energy efficient heating systems are lost if warm air simply leaks out of the building and cold air can leak in. Poor air tightness can be responsible for up to 40% of heat loss from buildings resulting in much higher heating costs I winter and cooling costs in summer.

It’s important to have an air tightness test completed on the property. This allows a figure – in m3/hr/m2) to be put on the amount of air gained and lost. The attained air leakage rate can then be measured against what’s acceptable and what’s not in the eyes of the building regulations. A good practice figure is currently set at 5m3/hr/m2 which is quite easy to achieve and can drastically reduce the ongoing heating costs of the building.

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